Here is part of the Introduction of Neumark's thesis (1951)

Gertrude Fanny Neumark wrote the first, groundbraking thesis under the supervision of G.E.Kimball, in which the "free electron cloud model" is introduced and exemplified. The introduction is reproduced here directly from the (University-)microfilm of the thesis (and, hence, of low print quality). It may reveal the spirit in which this adventure of understanding chemistry has been started. No qualitative "Kimball model" in the literature has since reached the quality of these 6 pages!
Gertrude Neumark has passed away in 2010 (83 y). She has become famous during her life as material scientist by inventing the large bandgap light emitting diode which has revolutionized LED applications, opening the spectrum to include green, blue, violet and ultraviolet light and thus has paved the way to the intense white light emitters of today and, of course, the blue-ray disc and many other applications.- You may find her at Wikipedia, where her fight against several big companies, which had stolen her discoveries, is described. The struggle was settled in court, and she obtained 25 Mio $ (of a many billion $/y market). Of course, other people have won a Nobel prize for this, too.