Sources and Compilation of Kimball.exe

Download and unpack it into any directory. If you do not have a 32-bit WindowsXP or earlier, get DOSbox and install it. Otherwise just continue at *)
Run DOSbox and
mount c X:\directory above TS
*) cd TS\SYS
This starts the front end of the TopSpeed-2 Modula-2 system (originally from Jensen & Partners International, but abandoned) and configures all necessary libraries. On the open panel scroll to project and select it. Type KIMBALL and exit with ESC. Scroll to Make and select it. Now the compilation starts and shows you all the modules being recompiled and finally bundled into Kimball.exe. This is in the SYS directory and can be compressed by
TScrunch Kimball.exe
The source is in DEF and MOD files. You can edit them within the TS front end with the editor and shuttle back and forth between editing and compiling. However, you can also use your preferred editor and do the editing outside of the TS environment. Source DEF and MOD files have many comments for description.