Sources and Compilation of Kimball problems with Pascal

Download and unpack it into any directory. If you do not have a 32-bit WindowsXP or earlier, get DOSbox and install it. Otherwise just continue at *)
Run DOSbox and
mount c X:\directory of kipas
*) cd kipas
You'll find a large number of EXE files with chemical names. Run what interests you. The PAS source files have the same name and can be looked at and edited with any text editor. You can recompile the exec by typing:
bpc source.pas
bpc is the abandoned Borland Pascal Compiler 7, I am still using, because most of the programs have been written at the beginning of 1980.
A few of the EXE files may not run to completion. I have not weeded out all abortive experimental attempts.

A very good alternative is Free Pascal. You need to recompile the programs which usually do fine, especially if '-Mtp' is added to the config file, enforcing Turbo Pascal 7.0 compatibility. With FPC 2.6.2 or later most programs run smoothly on Windows x86 or x64, on Linux boxes and even on Mac's, as well. Just click on the extracted PAS source. If FPC is correctly installed, the IDE opens with the selected Pascal program in the window. Click Run in the top menu row. That's all!