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The quantitative
G.N.Lewis Model

  Ernst Schumacher, University of Bern
  Prof.em of Chemistry, Dep. Chemistry
  and Biochemistry

  This site presents a quantitative
  Lewis model
of molecular structure,
  using G.E. Kimball's free [spherical
  electron probability] clouds

  Note: Drawings of "electron clouds" or
  "orbitals" on a molecular skeleton in
  any approximation represent helpful
  visualizations, not the "truth"!

  Gallery of examples

Orbital surfaces are the set of points at a selected amplitude of the spatial wavefunction φ, which is unlimited. Computed by Gaussian03™, drawn by WebMO™. Cores are arbitrary. ⟨φ|φ⟩ would show density surfaces (like those at right) of similar shape.

Kimball's free clouds are simple computa-tional tools, explained in these pages. Their surface is the set of points at the expected radius ⟨φ|r|φ⟩ of an unlimited s-type density distribution for every sphere (Tutorials). [He] cores are computed, too. Program from ES with Mathematica™.

Both charge distributions give nearly the same Vee, Vne.

11. April 2009, 21:20:32