Directory of Gamess Exec       =/home/knoppix/gamess
Number of Gamess Version       =00
Version of Gamess Exec         =24 MAR 2007(R1)
External Editor to use         =/KNOPPIX/usr/bin/kwrite
Browser to use                 =/KNOPPIX/usr/bin/firefox
Parallel runmode               =parallel
Number of CPU's                =2
Restart option irest           =0
Call to Builder1               =/KNOPPIX/usr/bin/ghemical
Name of Builder1               =Ghemical
Call to Builder2               =c:\acdfree5\chemsk.exe
Name of Builder2               =ChemSketch
Call to Builder3               =c:\programme\ISIS Draw 2.3\IDraw32.exe
Name of Builder3               =ISIS/Draw
Call to Builder4               =c:\Program Files\ChemCraft\ChemCraft.exe
Name of Builder4               =ChemCraft
Selected Builder               =1
Call to Viewer1      
Name of Viewer1                =Molekel
Filetype Viewer1               =out
Call to Viewer2                =Y:/gOpenMol-3.00/bin/rungOpenMol
Name of Viewer2                =gOpenMol
Filetype Viewer2               =pdb
Call to Viewer3                =raswin32.exe
Name of Viewer3                =RasWin
Filetype Viewer3               =pdb
Call to Viewer4                =/home/knoppix/molden4.4.linux
Name of Viewer4                =Molden
Filetype Viewer4               =out
Selected Viewer                =3