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Slide show of a microscopic sample

This interactive program allows to simulate (all) properties of an ideal gas. You can play with its many commands or use the tutorials which have been composed in the 'Learn Mode' of the program. Click on the extensive Slide show or on the figures below to see samples. At the end of the slide show you can visit the explanation panels which accompany the program. They cover all the topics mentioned in the top menu bar, and more.
'Alder': Equalization of
Volume and pressure at T=const
'Charles-Gay Lussac:
Volume and Temp. p=const
'Carnot': Part of
Carnot-cycle, Isotherm
'Collis': Collision of two
balls of gas

GasSim Downloads

The package contains a German version, gassimd.exe, and an english version gassim.exe. It is about 750 KB and ZIPped. Extract the files e.g. with PKUNZIP.exe or WINZIP. They take about 1.5 MB harddisk space, when unpacked. You can download Gassim by clicking on the following link: (15.09.2009)
Win95 Gassim (english) from another source

Java animated real time demo of a special gas and of a simplified Atmosphere both from Christopher J. Grayce
or Java animated real time demo of the Poincaré tutorial, and another Simulator