Vitamin CAnother simple application of 'Aquatic Chemistry': Vitamin C tablets
Here is an input and its result of Make your own Vitamine C tablets!.

The comments in program Nascorb.exe explain in detail what's involved. A neutralization degree of 92 to 95% makes a slightly acid solution which you can dilute with orange juice to obtain a wellbecoming vitamin drink. Add Calcium and Magnesium, if you want, but not more than about 0.1 g/g Ascorbic acid. Anecdote: A friend made a pharmacist do this prescription for him. Before handing it out he warned, that one would get ulcer from the acid preparation! As you can see, the pH is 5 and the solution buffered. The pharmacist surely must have had a Coke, occasionally, which has a pH value of less than 3... (unbuffered) and in his stomach there prevails pH=1.2! What a blessing for humankind if pharmacists would learn solution chemistry... 

Last modified September 03, 2008