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The quantitative
G.N.Lewis Model

Quantitative G.N.Lewis' model using G.E.Kimball's free electron clouds:
                        What does it mean for chemical education?

Here we shall write text and show applications leading to didactics issues. IMHO present highschool and freshman chemistry is not understandable. Many concepts used are obsolete and/or require mathematics not yet available to the addressees. I shall document this by references to elementary chemistry texts and show how honest physical chemistry, high school mathematics and common sense can give understandable science void of drilled jargon.
  • Bent bonds, Baeyer strain
  • Conformations, Pitzer strain
  • Directed Valence
  • Fractional atomic charges
  • Hellmann-Feynman theorem
  • Natural Resonance Theory
  • Small Molecules
  • Strange Brønsted acids

  • Functional Groups (in preparation)
  • Multiple bonds (in preparation)