Raspberry Pi 32bit version 4B, 4GB:

Linux raspberrypi 4.19.66-v7l+
gfortran 8.3

Building and running the current Gamess 30 SEP 2019 (R2)
in /home/pi on Raspberry Pi: Rasbian
buildgamess192pi script version 2019-22-10
with gcc-gfortran v. 8.3
atlas libs in /usr/lib
10/22/19 09:04:46
building ddikick.x
......... success
building gamess.00.x
......... success
10/22/19 09:56:38
running tests
10/22/19 10:04:52
Checking the results of your sample GAMESS calculations,
the output files (exam??.log) will be taken from /home/pi/gamess/logs
All jobs terminated normally, now checking detailed numerical results
exam01: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam02: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Serr=0.0e+00 Lerr=1.8e-03+6.6e-05.   Passed.
exam03: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam04: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Oerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.           Passed.
exam05: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam06: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam07: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam08: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam09: Eerr=0.0e+00.                                                  Passed.
exam10: Eerr=0.0e+00 Werr=0.0e+00 Ierr=0.0e+00 Perr=0.0e+00.           Passed.
exam11: Eerr=0.0e+00 Rerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam12: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam13: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam14: Eerr=0.0e+00+0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00+0.0e+00.                     Passed.
exam15: Eerr=0.0e+00.                                                  Passed.
exam16: Eerr=0.0e+00.                                                  Passed.
exam17: Eerr=0.0e+00 Werr=0.0e+00 Ierr=0.0e+00 Perr=0.0e+00.           Passed.
exam18: Eerr=0.0e+00 Werr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam19: Eerr=0.0e+00+0.0e+00.                                          Passed.
exam20: Eerr=0.0e+00 Xerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam21: Eerr=0.0e+00 Werr=0.0e+00 Ierr=0.0e+00 Perr=0.0e+00.           Passed.
exam22: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam23: Herr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam24: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Derr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam25: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam26: Eerr=0.0e+00 Lerr=1.2e-07.                                     Passed.
exam27: Eerr=0.0e+00 Verr=1.0e-12.                                     Passed.
exam28: Eerr=0.0e+00.                                                  Passed.
exam29: Eerr=0.0e+00.                                                  Passed.
exam30: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=1.0e-09.                                     Passed.
exam31: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00 Ierr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam32: Eerr=0.0e+00 Terr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam33: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam34: Eerr=4.0e-10 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam35: Eerr=7.2e-08.                                                  Passed.
exam36: Eerr=0.0e+00 Werr=0.0e+00 Ierr=0.0e+00.                        Passed.
exam37: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam38: Eerr=7.0e-10 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam39: RIerr=0.0e+00 HRIerr=0.0e+00.                                  Passed.
exam40: E1err=4.2e-07 E2err=1.0e-07 RMSerr=1.0e-06                     Passed.
exam41: EXCerr=0.0e+00 eV, Gerr=2.0e-09, OSCerr=4.0e-04.               Passed.
exam42: Eerr=0.0e+00 Gerr=0.0e+00.                                     Passed.
exam43: HEATerr=0.0e+00 kcal/mol.                                      Passed.
exam44: SCFerr=0.0e+00 MP2err=0.0e+00.                                 Passed.
exam45: Eerr=0.0e+00 B1err=0.0e+00 A1err=0.0e+00.                      Passed.
exam46: B1err=0.0e+00 A1err=0.0e+00.                                   Passed.
exam47: Serr=0.0e+00 Perr=6.0e-10.                                     Passed.
All 47 test results are correct!