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Ernst Schumacher

Born 12th March 1926 in Baden, AG, Switzerland, to Joseph and Emmy Schumacher-Schnebli. Married 12th January 1957 in Zürich to Dorothea Christ; Children: Maia, Sabine, Peter, Cornelia. Grandchildren (2008): Eva, Katia, Annik, David, Fabian, Nora. GreatGrandchildren: (2019): Lia
Schools in Baden and Zürich (Gymnasium); Maturität Type B, July 1945, Zürich
1945 University of Zürich: Chemistry, Physics, Animal Biology, Mineralogy and Crystallography, Mathematics
1949-51 Thesis work with K. Clusius in Physical Chemistry
1951 Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (Isotope Separation of polynary mixtures; isolation of pure 36Ar and enrichment of the rare middle isotope 38Ar from 0.06 to 89.5%; theory for the separation of polynary mixtures by thermal diffusion)
1951-1953 Research Assistant of K. Clusius, Zürich (first mass spectrometer, homebuilt in Switzerland. Used for isotopic analyses).

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