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Statistical Thermostatics

hot bands?

Selected from Chemsoft's Programs for Statistical Thermostatics:

  •  StatTher package. The programs are mainly commented MathCad .mcd files, some are duplicated in Pascal. A speciality among the programs is the prediction of barriers for hindered rotation (Pitzer stress) from entropy measurements (as in the "old" days, before reliable ab initio Quantumchemistry "replaced" the experimental determinations). 
  •  StatEQU  do you want to understand how chemical equilibria can be computed from molecular mass, structure, and spectroscopic properties?
  •  Cp(H2) you can compute in seconds a famous plot of the specific heats of the hydrogen molecule as a rotator. The theory is explained completely in the MathCad program. 
  •  StatMan an extensive tutorial for Statistical Thermostatics in PDF format.